Fashion Lusts for March | 2014

15 March 2014

H&M Booties.  I know that booties tend to be a winter thing, but since these are open toed I thought they would be nice for going out this summer.  I'm not someone that likes to wear summer sandals out anyways!

Converse Chuck Taylor Black Monochrome High Top Sneakers.  I have been really loving the look of leggings and high top sneakers.  There is just something that looks really stylish with a pair of these and an oversized sweater.  This pair I specifically love, because I'm not a fan of black and white sneakers unless they are nikes and used for working out.

Henri Bendel Brown and White Folding Cosmetic Bag.  I travel a considerable amount when the college school year ends as I'm a long distance relationship in the summer.  I could really use a new makeup bag that keeps me more organized.
H&M Tshirt.  I think Tee's are a classier way to be trendy instead of bright colored bandeaus.  I'm personally not a fan of bandeau's so tshirts and jewelry will be my trendier pieces this spring and summer.

H&M jacket.  I know this is not very "warm weather" of me.  But where I live, spring can be anywhere from in the 30's to 60's so at night, this jacket would be adorable with some open toed booties and black leggings.

H&M boyfriend jeans.  I haven't gotten into this trend yet, but I think this spring i might dabble in it.  I think these would look amazing with a nice black tee, statement necklace, and a nice pair of black flip flops.

H&M jean shorts. I'm totally obsessed with distressed denim right now, and I know I won't be able to wear jeans every day of the summer which is really upsetting to me.  These shorts will do the trick.

H&M fringe purse.  A fringe bag is just so chic and a really subtle way to be trendy this year.

Empties | Part 1 of 4

14 March 2014

Yes, you read correctly there are actually four parts.  The last month and a half,  I dedicated myself to using up products.  Whether they be samples laying around, or products half used I really went to town on things.  Also,  I have to emphasize that for products I really like, I usually have several of that I keep in my bathroom at home, bathroom at school, and my vanity at school.  When you live with three other girls, sometimes you just can't get into the bathroom when you want so I always keep products like makeup remover in my vanity at school as well.  With that being said,  I usually finish a couple of the same product around the same time, if that makes sense?
Anywho.  Read on if I liked it, would repurchase, and why!
Listerine Whitening Mouthwash - Not that refreshing, but helped with whitening;  I would repurchase.
Organix Argan Oil Moisture Treatment - Favorite hair mask right now.  Would repurchase.  TIP= I put this on dry hair before I get into the shower for ten minutes and it hydrates like nothing else.
Joico Body Luxe Shampoo- My hair hated this, no thank you.  Left it dry and brittle.
Suave Almond & Shea Butter Moisture Shampoo- Smelled amazing, but did nothing for my hair. Would repurchase as shave cream.
Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter- This is my favorite lotion and scent in the whole world.  I just got my boyfriend's mom hooked on this stuff as well!
Algenist Firming & Lifting Cream- This lasted about 3 weeks using on my neck.  Didn't notice a difference in that amount of time.
Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser- This was amazing stuff.  Too expensive to me to continue.
Loreal Youth Code Pore Vanisher-  I was really impressed with this stuff.  Not typically a fan of primers, but  I might give it a go.
Pantene BB Cream for Hair-  When I started using this I loved it.  However, it did not last long enough, and I think it may have been contributing to drying my hair out.  Would not repurchase, I like leave-in conditioners much, much better.
Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Cleanser-  I did not like this at all.  It made my face feel really awkwardly tight and dry after using.

Beauty Lusts for March | 2014

12 March 2014

I have a confession, I've not only been a BAD blogger, I've been majorly neglecting my makeup collection as I've been doing sort of spring cleaning and focusing on filling my closet with some new clothing, shoe and accessory items.  Also, my hair has been super temperamental this month as well as my skin, so I've been spending some money on those areas to figure everything out.  I FINALLY feel like I've gotten everything under control so I'm ready to spend some makeup money this month, YAY!  Also, I won't be taken that long of a break anytime soon, school work just really caught up with me.  Read on for lusts right now!

First, I'm about to finish Y.D.K in my Naked 2 palette and with this completion, I'm thinking MAC's all that glitters is going to be a purchase of mine to have on hand as a good every day shimmery shade.

I've been eye-ing angel by MAC, but I think that color is too light pinky for me.  I'm just afraid it will wash me out.  Boy by Chanel Rouge Coco Shine addresses all my concerns about angel and then some.   I really like this color, because I think this is a good day to day color and then all the girls in my 11:15 am class won't judge me for wearing red lipstick that early in the morning.  (some girls just don't realize you can wear a red lip before 8pm, it's quite sad actually)  Not to mention, I tend to stop wearing the dark lip colors after march anyways!

I had a bit of a love affair with Rimmel's stay matte powder, but my skin has been so temperamental lately that this powder has been straight up cake fest on my face.  Not knocking this powder, I almost finished a whole thing, but's its just not getting on with my skin at the moment.  I've done a lot of research and I think Laura Mericer's loose powder would be an excelent match with me and is the one product I will almost guarantee you will see popping up in my routine.

Dior Creme De Rose Lip Balm.  I just finished my last one, and i really miss it.  Might have to splurge for it again this month.

NYX butter lip sticks.  Not that these are all that expensive, but I've just been meaning to try them.

Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and ConditionerMy hair has been needing a big drink lately,  and I feel like this range would really do the trick.

Wet BrushAnother thing that is expensive at all, but I just haven't gotten my paws on yet.

Dior diorskin nude bb cream.  I have officially signed on for another summer of nannying.  Ofcourse I can't go a day without makeup, even if I only see the kids all day, but I really don't need to wear nearly as heavy of makeup as I usually do.  I'm on the hunt for a good bb cream that gives coverage, has SPF for those pool days, doesn't break me out, and just all around looks good.  I've read some great reviews on this one, so so far, this is the front runner.

Along with the bb cream, I was also looking for a good moisturizer for the summer that wouldn't be to greasy and also had SPF.  The First Aid Beauty 5 in 1 face cream is at the top of my list.  The First Aid Beauty line in general has really intrigued me lately.

I'm using up an eye cream at night that is completely bogus right now for hydration , but the origins brightening eye cream has really impressed me for day time use.  I've been eye-ing up this particular cream for night time use, other wise I'm going to go back and purchase my beloved Burt's bees hydration eye cream.

I've discovered recently that I just can not wear regular mascara on my bottom lash line or it smudges.  This one seems to get great reviews and I think it will work nicely to get all those lower lashes really coated.

I've been seriously lusting after this spray after seeing a beauty guru rave about it in a video.  It's hefty price tag is the only thing keeping me away at the moment.

I'm not too sure what I will actually end up purchasing in the upcoming month, but I will let you know soon with a haul.  What are you lusting after at the moment?

Obsessions of late | Midi Rings & Dark Lips

16 February 2014

Glasses Tommy Hilfiger ; Neckalce Ily Couture ; NYX lip pencil-Cabaret ; Rimmel London Kate Moss Collection-104 ; Rings (same as above)

I've been so style oriented as of late that I've done less experimenting with makeup and more time lusting over midi-rings, bib necklaces, and the Tory Burch Robinson double zip. (don't be surprised if you see the bag on my blog soon!)  I have been a lipstick feign as of late though and bright/dark lips have been an every day staple of mine as well as iced skinny caramel macchiatos and my hunter rain boots (we've gotten close to 10 inches of snow over a two week time period!!)  Hope you all have been staying warm and enjoy these more style related posts.  My boyfriend just bought me a new camera for Valentine's Day so I think I will be taking more outfit related pictures as well as better quality pictures in general (YAY!)  How have you been?

Juice Cleanse | My take

07 February 2014

I have done a full blown three day juice cleanse in which I found the recipes on pinterest.  I would have been totally willing to add the link, but the fact is, IT WAS AWFUL.  I can deal with the taste of some of the juices you had to blend up, but my attitude at the end of the three days was awful.  Not eating anything for that long made me annoyed with literally anyone that came into my path.  I'm guessing the reason a lot of people start drinking juices or doing juice cleanses is to lose weight.  I should say that I did lose 5 pounds from that juice cleanse which I quickly gained back by eating real food.  There is no greater let down then that.

What the juice cleanse did teach me though is that it was something I would love to incorporate into my everyday diet.  I haven't continued to use the recipes I found but rather made up my own that is a very healthy start to the day.  I have noticed that, opposed to my previous apple and yogurt breakfast, I have more energy with this smoothie, and I stay much fuller for much longer. SCORE.  Read on if you would like to know how it is done!

Two handfuls of frozen strawberries/berries
One whole frozen banana
One handful of spinach/kale
One cup of Dark Chocolate Almond Milk
1/4 cup water
1 tsp flax seed
To do this you can really use any quality blender.  I don't measure ingredients perfectly as I kind of go off of how big I want my smoothie too be but with that being said,  I will tell you how I made the one show above

 I first take two handfuls of frozen strawberries and berries (just using strawberries tastes the best) along with one whole frozen banana.

Next, I take a generous handful of spinach (or kale) and a tsp of flax seed.

Lastly, I pour about 1/4 cup water and about a cup of dark chocolate almond milk and then mix! The water is added to make the smoothie the consistency you like it,  to make it thinner just keep adding more water!

I kid you not, it tastes like a chocolate covered strawberry.  It is amazing.  I have been using this recipe for probably a month and a half now, and I can honestly say i have not gotten sick of it!

Hope this helps you with a juice cleanse or even just a breakfast smoothie, you won't regret trying it!

Drugstore haircare | the best

28 January 2014

 My hair recently got into a bit of a funk.  When I say funk I mean greasy by the end of the day, lifeless, and all around freaking hard to work with.  I tend to experiment a lot with products so its usually hard for me to tell what the cause is when I hit a slump such as this one. Luckily, as I am just getting back into the swing of things at school I have been very naughty with my hair routine and had been leaving out almost every product on my hair next to shampoo and conditioner.  The culprits you ask?  The Fekkai glossing shampoo and conditioner. 

I had to think back to how these bad boys ended up in my possession, and I realized that these had been handed down to me by my mom who found she hated them on her thick hair type thinking it might be better suited for mine. IT DID NOT.  If you have fine hair, and apparently thick hair, avoid this product.  I tried recently even just using it for one day a week, and even then, that was my worst hair day of the week.  Yikes.

Anywho, now that I have gotten back into the swing of things, I started up a routine as usual and have kind of fallen in love.  On Amelia Liana's blog she mentioned this shampoo conditioner combo by John Frieda, and as I have fine hair,  I tend to jump for anything that says thickening in it.  I hesitate at times because thickening products can leave your hair kind of tangley, but this duo really nails it right on the head.  My hair appears fuller yet soft, and doesn't leave my hair to tangley when I get out of the shower.

 With that being said, I still always need some sort of detangling product which is where Not Your Mother's Knotty or Nice Conditioning Detangler came in.  I was browsing the drugstore hair care at Ulta when I stumbled upon this, and since I had never heard about it, I thought I would give it ago.  It is seriously wonderful. It detangles with out putting too much product in my hair so it is still light, and bouncy. 

Ofcourse, I can not go without some sort of treatment for the ends of my hair (esspecially in cold winter months as I am prone to lots and lots of frizz).  I am a sucker for new ideas and Pantenne's BB creme for the hair just sounded wonderful for me.  There is a whole list of things it is supposed to do, but I will just say that I have notice my ends to be much softer and conditioned, and I have absolutely no problems with static or frizz. MIRACLE PRODUCT!

Lastly, a product I will always have to include in my favorite drugstore haircare routines would have to be Batiste dry shampoo.  This little baby gives my hair life when I need it, really sucks up the grease, and just makes your day better!
Moral of the story: pricey is not always better, and Frederic Fekkai may not be the genius I once thought he was.  What a shame!


21 January 2014

As I thought, the first week of school was an amazing time.  I started the week celebrating my grandma's 85th birthday (isn't she the cutest), and spent the rest of the week partying my butt off.  I am in a serious need of a good cleanse which I will posting about with next weeks catch up. Currently I am snuggled inside watching it snow excessively which is entirely not fun when I still have to walk to class at 4!  How are all of your weeks?

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